Who Are We?

Who are we?

1 Step Beyond is an emerging community justice partnership working across the West Mercia area  (Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford) with the aim of reducing reoffending

At its heart is a strategic partnership agreement between West Mercia Probation Trust (WMPT) and YSS that aims to stimulate the development of a wide network of private, voluntary and public sector organisations working to reduce re-offending..

Our Mission

The 1 Step Beyond mission is to reduce reoffending across West Mercia by delivering innovative and effective services through a  partnership  network of voluntary, private and public sector organisations.

What do we do?

We work together to design, develop and deliver new services that engage with people who have offended so that they can lead positive and crime free lives.

We seek to influence local policy, commissioning and practice aimed at diverting people away from the criminal justice system and for rehabilitating those that are in the system.

We measure the outcomes we achieve to demonstrate our effectiveness and then work together to draw down sustainable resources to mainstream our work.

We listen to service user feedback in everything we do to inform service development and to get better outcomes.

What do we believe?

We believe that by working interdependently we can be more than the some of our parts.

That no one organisation has all of the answers.

Local problems need local solutions.

Key operational principles

Our partnership arrangements are based on a number of key principles. They are;

  • The co-location of staff
  • Secondment arrangements between agencies
  • The sharing of training resources and other materials
  • Joint Information sharing protocols especially regarding risk of harm
  • An agreed approach to collating management information to produce an evaluations and  outcomes framework

How do we work together?

  • West Mercia Probation Trust (WMPT)will regularly share Information to inform the VCS about the profile of people who are at risk of offending or who have offended in each local authority area
  • WMPT and YSS will share evaluation studies and best practice information with partner agencies to inform the development of new services.
  •  YSS and WMPT will undertake joint business development activity with any partner and will support partners to take a project lead whenever appropriate
  • Offer  opportunities for partners to pitch ideas to YSS, WMPT and other partners, within  the geographic areas of each WMPT Local delivery units .
  • Maintain a 1 Step Beyond web site & social media presence for partner agencies to keep abreast of all developments in relation to the reducing reoffending agenda
  • Hold regular 1 Step Beyond conferences and workshops.

What are the current issues across the area that need to be addressed?

This portion of the website is under construction.

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