A very successful 1 Step Beyond event – reverse-engineering delivery of services

YSS and West Mercia Probation Trust hosted a West Mercia 1 Step Beyond workshop at Kidderminster Harriers Football Club. The event was co-chaired by Rob Smith CEO of YSS and David Chantler CEO of West Mercia Probation Trust and was attended by over 50 delegates representing a wide range of voluntary sector organisations interested in working alongside YSS and Probation in delivering services to offenders. Delegates were informed of the profile and needs of offenders that Probation works with in each Local Delivery Unit area in West Mercia and all the VCS organisations are now invited to approach YSS and Probation with innovative service solutions aimed at improving services and reducing reoffending.

The concept of 1 Step Beyond is unique. The approach involves VCS organisations designing and developing innovative services with Probation, YSS, VCS partners and other key stakeholders from the ground up. The key to this approach is collaborative working, that all partners share resources and create value by becoming more than the sum of their parts. Rather than competitively bidding for a commissioned service that has been designed by Probation this approach allows VCS organisations to understand Probation service delivery and propose new ways of undertaking these. This can initially involve developing a pilot using a mix of small amounts of seed funding, co-locating staff, sharing accommodation, secondment arrangements, access to training, knowledge transfer, access to information systems, toolkits, joint business development and commercial/enterprise activity. Wherever possible using holistic approaches that can provide multiple outcomes to a wide range of potential commissioners. Then evaluating these pilots in terms of their outcomes and using this evidence to secure resources to scale up and mainstream these services.

The delegates at this event have agreed to now meet with YSS and Probation on a local LDU area basis in the near future to explore opportunities in more detail and to identify new services that can be developed and piloted as soon as possible.

A summary briefing of the event  can be  found at Is West Mercia Probation Trust on to a good thing- final blog by nathan dick clinks, and the presentations are below:

1 Step Beyond conference Rob Smith presentation

1 Step Beyond conference David Chantler Presentation

1 Step Beyond conference Cutting the cake presentation Tony Brewerton

Dependence, independence and interdependence model 11 10 2012

1Step Beyond conference Telford Probation Local Delivery Unit presentation

1 Step Beyond conference Worcestershire Probation Local Delivery Unit presentation

1 Step Beyond conference Herefordshire Probation Local delivery Unit presentation

1 Step Beyond conference Shropshire Probation Local Delivery Unit presentation

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