YSS is successful in re- accreditation for Mentoring and Befriending Foundation( MBF)

YSS went through a rigorous re-accreditation process from the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation for the “Approved Provider” quality standard . This involved an assessor spending 2 days with YSS looking at all aspects of our mentoring services – systems and processes, paperwork, databases to ensure they were fit for purpose. The assessor also interviewed a number of staff, volunteers and service users at both our Ryelands and Telford offices.

Written confirmation has now been received, on 31 October 2012,  that YSS have passed with flying colours, please see the extract below from the assessor, along with powerful feedback from YSS volunteers and service users.

“YSS representatives attend regular meetings with partners and stakeholders but possibly the best evidence of success was evident during assessment via direct testimony from those involved in delivery of and receipt of the service as highlighted below. The value and power of this service is held in high regard by both volunteers and service users with some really powerful testimony from those right at the heart of the provision.”

Volunteer testimony

“The difference I have made? Its a change for the better – at first they were just sat down with their hood up, now they are sat up and ready for a job. They are there for meetings before me – they have a bit more self belief than before”. 

“My mentee was a heroin user with 500 crimes under their belt – now they have a girlfriend and a job”

Service user testimony

“It was an uphill struggle – she has taken the pressure off –s he’s battling for me – her reward is helping me”  

“It’s my back up and support – separate to “the system” – her opinions count to me let alone her support”  

“She’s stepped in where I can’t, she took the pressure on. It’s not just the appointment – it’s all the stuff behind the scenes”

 “She helps me with my priorities and chips away – it’s ever loading, ever increasing”

 “When problems are long term they can grind you down – this helps me”


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