YSS as part of its strategic partnership with West Mercia Probation Trust and Excalibur Procurement Services Ltd now announces the launch of Clarent.

Press Release : 7 December 2012:Clarent Commerce C.I.C

The socially responsible commissioning experts Excalibur Procurement Services Limited has established a new Social Enterprise to provide commissioning and commercial support to the public sector. Clarent Commerce C.I.C. a community interest company, will compete for business in the public sector professional service arena, but all profits made from trading activities will be used to support deserving community based projects run by voluntary sector organisations.

Clarent will provide a full commercial and commissioning support package, to all public sector organisations to help facilitate changes. Public sector Commissioners will have access to highly qualified professionals who will support them when challenging traditional public service delivery models, giving them the confidence to innovate and think creatively.

However the new company is unique because whilst Excalibur will retain a 51% shareholding in Clarent they have invited nine public sector Probation Trusts to take a 49% stake in the company, at no cost to the public purse other than the nominal cost of the shares.

“Clarent brings a new dynamic to the provision of professional services and allows us to continue to support the development of public services as Excalibur hands over its public sector work to Clarent” said Ian Clarke, Excalibur’s Managing Director. “By inviting the nine Probation Trusts to take a stake in the company we have effectively partnered with one of the most innovative groups of community based organisations in the public sector. They will not only help shape Clarent’s future but also take on the responsibility for nominating the local community and voluntary sector projects to receive financial support through the disbursement of the profits we make” he went on to say.

Clarent’s offering will be focused on supporting innovation, collaboration and meeting the challenges outlined by government for organisations to provide only those public services that are proven to work and to be paid only for results.

Clarent Commerce C.I.C. is a community interest company limited by share with 51% owned by Excalibur and 49% to be equally distributed to the nine Probation Trusts. Shareholders are as follows:

oExcalibur Procurement Services Limited

oDevon and Cornwall Probation Trust

oDorset Probation Trust

oGloucestershire Probation Trust

oNorfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust

oMerseyside Probation Trust

oThames Valley Probation Trust

oWarwickshire Probation Trust

oWest Mercia Probation Trust

oWiltshire Probation Trust

All profits and surpluses (including any allowable dividend payments) generated from Clarent Commerce C.I.C trading activates will be used to provide financial support to qualifying community based projects run by voluntary organisations.

Excalibur Procurement Services Limited will transfer all of its UK public sector business and any future opportunities to Clarent, to allow it to focus on its government clients in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Clarent Commerce C.I.C. offers a turnkey service designed to meet HM Government’s challenge to provide a cost effective and efficient solution for public sector organisations. It will support its customers in differing ways, depending on individual needs. These include:

 Taking on part, or all, of an organisation’s commercial function

 Running procurement processes for clients using highly qualified procurement and contract professionals

 Providing high quality Commissioning and procurement advice and guidance to an organisation wishing to develop its own staff’s knowledge and skills

 Providing commercial project management support and expertise to reduce the burden on a client’s staff and to ensure projects are delivered on time and in budget.

 Providing Board level and senior management with strategic commissioning support to help develop innovative thinking and service redesign initiatives.

 Undertaking cost-effective commercial reviews of current service delivery mechanisms, producing detailed reports and recommendations that not only look at financial elements but also consider service user needs, cultural barriers, demographics, and the wider fit with other public services.

 Undertaking research projects, often in partnership with a University or other institutions.

Clarent will deliver this service through a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals, supported by a leading-edge project management solution, and a network of specialist associates who can be called upon to provide support in areas requiring a particular skill. These include technical skills in health, social care, criminal justice, transport, education IT and legal services.

 The services offered are dependent on the organisation’s specific needs. Payment is generally arranged through a fixed fee mechanism. This means we can provide access to professionally qualified and experienced practitioners suitable for all Public sector

Departments, Agencies and community based organisations at an affordable price as and when needed.

 Clarent will operate under a daily fee rate mechanism if required but strongly recommends that public sector organisations move away from this traditional consultancy pricing model to facilitate better budget management, greater transparency and more risk-sharing.

For all enquires please contact:

Ian Clarke Managing Director, Clarent Commerce C.I.C

Langstone Gate

Solent Road



P09 1TR

Email: ian.clarke@clarentcic.com

Telephone: 02392 454545

Got a question? Call us on 01905 730780
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