YSS Worcestershire Young Carer Zoey wins Kids Count 2013 National Inspiration award

An inspirational story: Zoey wins a national award:

Zoey,  now age 25 from  Worcester, has won an Inspiration award at the Kids Count 2013 awards and went to the Houses of Parliament to collect her award.

Zoey in London

Zoey was very excited and proud to receive the award and enjoyed the visit to London, she took lots of photos including the Houses of Parliament and the London eye and  had dinner at Nando’s, which is where she used to go with Dad when he wasn’t so ill.  Zoey’s father was a Londoner and she lived in London till she was six years old.  She recently visited the Houses of Parliament with the Young Adult Carers Group.  She had lots of memories of the underground where she travelled with her mum and dad as a child, she told us her dad worked on the underground many years before.

Zoey said” I am really proud to receive this award and have recognition for the care that I gave to my dad.  I have received a lot of support from Young Carers over the years and am pleased to be able to give something back as I do in my role of volunteer.” Robin Walker MP for Worcester presented Zoey with the award, which was a glass trophy engraved with her name.


Zoey and Robin Walker MP

Robin Walker MP  said “She is an inspirational young carer who I first met when the Worcestershire Young Carers came to Parliament last year. I am delighted that both she and Acorns Childrens Hospice won awards.”

Neil Phillips, YSS key worker  for the Worcestershire Young Carers(WYC) team, nominated Zoey for the award.  The basis of the nomination was that she was the primary carer for her father for the last ten years, and she provided care prior to this.  She lived in a single parent family alone with her father, her siblings lived elsewhere.  Zoey’s father had a range of illnesses including Diabetes, Epilepsy, Mental health issues and Head Injury.  He had been in and out of hospital for several years and recently lost his battle with his failing health, and died in March this year.  Throughout all this Zoey was his main carer managing the house, giving some personal care, taking carer of finances, medication and supporting emotionally.  Zoey herself has dyslexia and other health issues.

YSS WYC has  supported her with many issues over the years, including housing, education, and provided one to one support, someone to talk to, and help with referrals to other services. Zoey has developed into a young woman who is caring and willing to give her time to others.  She has been able to use her own experiences to help other young people in the young carers group, giving up her time on club evenings, activity days and residentials. Zoey has made some good friends at club, she enjoys arts and crafts with the younger group as a volunteer.

She is no longer a carer and it is now time to concentrate on herself and her future. Congratulations  once again,  Zoey on achieving this  award.

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