Note new date:YSS Worcestershire Young Carers and Fixers to be on Central ITV :9 August- as part of Fixers project

Read the Fixers  press release on this film.

Fixers is a movement of young people tackling issues they feel strongly about to make a difference to others.

‘Fixers’ are young people who want to change things for the better. Many have been through difficult times, and have used that experience to campaign on issues that matter to them, like being homeless, domestic abuse, or drink and drug misuse. As part of their campaigns, and working with professional producers, they are creating some fantastic films, songs, music videos and other resources. Several have won awards.  To date, more than 8,400 Fixers from all over the United Kingdom have started (and are continuing) over 1030 unique projects.

More than 201,000 hours of Fixer effort has been contributed across the UK, with Fixes addressing issues ranging from drink, drugs, homelessness, and mental health, through to unemployment, bullying, and much more.  Thanks to a recent grant from the Big Lottery Fund, Fixers is expanding over the next three years throughout the UK – including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – recruiting up to 20,000 new Fixers to tackle issues affecting everyone today, often based on ideas from their own experiences.

With help from ITV, over 375 Fixers projects have been showcased on regional news programmes across the country, providing more than 25 hours of peak-time exposure to their projects.

The Fixers project  being conducted by YSS Worcestershire Young Carers (WYC)  has been chosen for the August  Fixers feature on ITV Central News for viewing on 9 August  2013.

 It will be a  3 minute  piece  around WYC, focusing on Becky and Sarah Rowe, including their caring roles at home and their family,  a YSS group session  with 6 other young adult carers, and views of “an expert” from YSS WYC keyworker Neil Phillips.  It may also include  the  film project  YSS is doing with Fixers.

Filming has just taken place – one for the  feature for the Fixers monthly  slot on Central News and    the second  filming was  working on the Young Carers film, portraying a day  in the life of a young carer and the many issues they face.  Fixers Young People’s Co-ordinator  has  worked  closely with YSS and the young carers, consulting regularly on the messages they want to get across, to ensure that their point of view   is accurately represented in the script  written by the Fixers creative team.   The film itself was  using actresses to play a young carer and  the cared for, and even on the filming day  a YSS young adult carer and the Fixers Young People’s co-ordinator were  present  to make sure that  they were happy with how young carers were being represented.

They hope to have the film edited and put together  by the end of July. Once completed there will be DVD copies as well as a run of business type cards with a bar code to scan using mobile phones, which will allow you to download the film. The final step for this part of the project will be to have a launch event. Fixers has 3 other projects in Worcester nearing completion and  we are awating confirmation of the launch event for  the YSS project.  More details will follow on  our website.

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