Fixers give young carers the chance to have their say: congrats everyone involved in this project

Well done Becky and young carers from YSS Worcestershire Young Carers- great film/news item on ITVCentral tonight 9 August . “What young carers do” was very moving and  powerful, very well  portrayed and  will be an excellent tool to take  into schools- helping to raise awareness of young carers.

Thank  you Fixers  for giving these  young people  the chance to  have their say.

The news item  showed Becky age 22 and her sister age 19 looking after their  mother, who has mental health issues, and taking care  of their younger brother age 13. Becky   runs the whole house, and  recognised  that  this has been a strain  as she has had to take on an awful lot. This is not what  other chidren have to do, and so she knows that she has grown up faster. But she has missed out on  the chance to go to college or university or even to go to parties.  She  is very clear that she wants her younger brother to have more of a childhood.

Once a month she goes to the YSS Worcestershire Young Carers club and  enjoys  her time with other  young carers. This Fixers project, resulting in the film and news item,  has also  brought  together a group, and they have all benefited from the experience.

The aim is to use the film  in schools  to help raise  awareness. There is  at least  1 young carer in every class. Becky remembered  when she started caring, at age 14, and how some teachers  were very understannding of her  situation, but she also remembered  some of the difficulties facing young carers while studying at school.

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