Children in Need successful funding bid for YSS Worcestershire Young Carers

YSS is delighted to announce that  Children in Need have awarded  YSS  a   grant of £41,000 over 3 years  for  the development of  the  Participation project for YSS Worcestershire Young Carers.

The   project will establish a young carers participation group with regular   monthly group meetings led by a skilled participation worker and supported by   volunteers. The focus is on empowering young carers and giving them a   platform to raise the awareness and issues of young carers in Worcestershire   as well as producing regular newsletters and website/social media updates to   reflect their thoughts and views and give them a collective voice.

This is   following on from a recent request for young carers to attend and speak at a   safeguarding conference where we realised the resources, responsibility and   skills required to prepare them to carry out the role, however the positive   effect on the young carers who were involved in this one off event was   staggering in terms of their communication skills, self esteem and   confidence.

Young Carers have subsequently asked to develop their own   participation group in order to empower them to develop their own more   pro-active approach to participation and awareness raising and to be involved   directly and meaningfully in discussions and decisions that affect them. As   well as monthly group meetings, young carers will accompany the participation   worker to meetings with relevant groups/professionals such as health, GP’s.

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