A very effective service in Stoke-reducing offenders risk of re-offending and delivering excellent value for money.

YSS: Successful Stoke projects

In a recent letter, Staffordshire Probation Trust voices its support and praises the success of the YSS work.  The results of an independently commissioned Social Return on Investment (SROI) report shows that for every £1 invested the service provides an estimated £14.52 of value, showing  that the service is proven to be effective in reducing offenders risk of re-offending and delivers excellent value for money.

 “The service supports the work of probation and Integrated Offender Management (IOM) teams in the city and enables over 100 offenders at greatest risk of re-offending to receive essential mentoring support every year. This includes the provision of services to offenders returning to the city following completion of a custodial sentence.

  • Demand for the service amongst Probation and Integrated Offender Management teams is consistently high.
  • Performance of the service regularly exceeds target with the number of offenders taking up the service and going on to successfully complete their referral period being consistently higher than the contracted level.
  • Feedback from Probation staff indicates that the service plays an important role in promoting offenders compliance with the requirements of their sentence
  • Feedback from offenders, including evidence from individual case study reports, indicates that the service is effective in achieving its outcomes and valued in terms of the contribution it makes in supporting offenders to achieve stability and to avoid further offending

An analysis of reoffending rates suggests that service users benefiting from the service are on average 4% less likely to reoffend when compared to predicted re-offending rates for offenders in the city as a whole.

A recent independently commissioned Social Return on Investment (SROI) report shows that for every £1 invested the service provides an estimated £14.52 of value.  The service provides support in areas known to be critical to offenders successful long-term resettlement and rehabilitation – providing offenders with assistance in gaining and sustaining employment and settled accommodation, supporting offenders to address drug and/or alcohol issues linked to their offending, signposting offenders to local support services in the community and helping offenders to develop improvements in their family and peer relationships.These interventions support offenders’ compliance with their sentence, and play a key role in assisting a large number of offenders in the city each year to avoid reoffending and to establish stable lifestyles away from crime.Without the continued provision of the service offenders in the local community will find it difficult to access the alternative sources of support they need to tackle and manage their issues – which will undermine the efforts of probation and Police staff to support offenders to achieve successful long-term rehabilitation in the community and to establish stable lifestyles free from crime.”

The results of the an independent evaluation showed  that clients attributed an average of 80% of their non-reoffending, 75% of improvements in their health, 56% of their access to appropriate accommodation, 48% of improvements in their financial situation and  18% increase in employability to the support from the project. They were an average of 80% less likely  to  reoffend, due to their  support from the project.  Reoffending of people engaging with YSS was 17.2%, which is 4.3% lower than predicted.As well as offering support to prolific cohorts of offenders under Integrated Offender Management(IOM) scheme such as Prolific and Persistent Offenders(PPO), and supporting compliance, YSS offers a voluntary mentoring service. The reoffending rates for this group were 11.2%, compared to a predicted rate of 13.2%, which shows a reduction of -14.8%.




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