Excellent engagement rates in EnHanced Support for Supervision project

Spotlight on the Enhanced Support for Supervision (ESS) service .

The purpose of ESS is to support WWCRC (Warwickshire and West Mercia Community  Rehabilitation Company) in reducing re-offending rates by increasing the level of engagement by targeted offender groups with their supervision or licence requirements. This is delivered through an Enhanced Support for Supervision (ESS) service that can be offered by Offender Managers. It is not a specified activity, but a support service.


 This project  runs in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Telford  and in Shropshire, and  in the last quarter ( April 1- 30 June 2014):

  • There has been an 87% engagement rate across all the areas.  With such a high  engagement rate,  this positive work, with often the most complex and most in need cases,  will be a factor resulting in the reduction of their  re-offending.

With the  split in the Probation services  from 1 May 2014, this work has been continuing  with  clients in the NPS (National Probation Service) and  those   in the WWCRC.

  • 98% of referrals were White British
  • 16% of all referrals were women
  • The age groups can be broken down as follows:
    • 18-24: 26%
    • 25-30 : 17%
    • 31-40: 36
    • 41+ : 21%
  • This quarter ESS provided 1678 face to face hours.




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