Developing a new initiative: YSS Worcestershire Young Carers meet School nurses

 young carers activitiesYSS Worcestershire Young Carers (WYC)  recently attended the  Worcestershire School Nurses Away Day in Evesham.  They were invited by Amanda Williams, the Young Carers Champion for Worcestershire.

Amanda spoke about her role within the team and touched on how she would like to be moving forward to expand on her role. Amanda said ” I am  really keen to work alongside the school nurses to set up their own focus group, which would include a school nurse from each team/area, so they are able to focus on keeping the subject relevant and fresh in peoples mind, while covering any important changes, plans etc.”

Lucy Buckland, WYC key worker,  replied  “It would be great if we could at times link this up with our own young carers focus group that we already run, so they are able to have their input and give ideas on moving forward” Everyone seemed really keen for this to happen. Lucy also spoke about looking into changing the consent forms, to gain permission from the young people and their families to pass on their name to the allocated school nurse.

Sharing of information  and contact details  between the two services  was promoted  to help  keep them up to date with any relevant information e.g. sending  copies of news letters. YSS suggested including a list of the nurses and schools in one of our newsletters to inform the young people who their school nurse is and how to get in touch, what they can help with etc.

It was  very encouraging that the school nurses were really keen to be working closer with young carers.





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