“Learn to listen to people with multiple complex needs and change their services to meet them.”
Mission of the new Voices of Stoke

voices of stoke

Deb Grantham, YSS Operations Director,  attended the launch of the new VOICES of Stoke. (Voices of Independent  Change and Empowerment in Stoke-on Trent). VOICES is a partnership of voluntary and public sector organisations in Stoke on Trent funded by the Big Lottery Fund. This Fulfilling Lives event was aimed  at raising local awareness of how the support available for people with multiple and complex needs can be improved through partnership work. It also introduced the delegates to the Expert Citizens, who have provided valuable insight and helped shape the service through their own life experiences.

The Voices of Stoke mission states ” Every agency in Stoke will learn to listen to people with multiple complex needs and change their services to meet them.”

Speakers included  Stoke Expert Citizen group, Voices and Brighter Futures Housing Association  and Big Lottery Fund.

Comments from speakers included:

  • “Extensive discussions with service users in conjunction with providers to design service delivery secures more for the service user”
  • “Comprehensive discussions with service users around provision avoids costly mistakes and provides a service that meets needs and delivers results.”
  • Gill Brown CEO Brighter Futures said ” We all know silo’d thinking and services don’t work why is it still happening? ” and “Partnership cooperation sharing our skills is the way forward . United strength is Stronger”
  • “Giving people a voice means listening to them otherwise what’s the point?”

Deb Grantham added ” This event was  an excellent  networking  opportunity. This latest award from the Big Lottery  funding gives  the opportunity  for  improving services  for  our clients, who frequently have  very complex needs. I found the guest speakers from the Expert Citizens Group incredibly inspirational and moving.”

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