Digital Inclusion survey reveals 38% of our clients have no access to the internet

A recent survey of our YSS Criminal Justice clients, from across West Mercia,  revealed:

  •  22.6 % did not have a phone
  • 66% of the phone  owners  did not have  a smart phone
  • 80.5%  of the phone owners had Pay as you go
  • Only 39%   of the phone owners had a phone which can connect/  access internet and  only half of these  actually used the  internet, leaving  44% not using the internet( frequently  due to cost  
  • 38% had no access to internet ( as no phone access, none in their accommodation and did not go to any other locations offering  internet access )
  • In reply to the question on  their level of confidence  on using the internet: 39% not confident/25% a bit of confidence /31%confident/5% very confident
  • In reply to the question on their knowledge of the internet: 26%  cant use it/23%bit  of  knowledge/40% some knowledge and 12%  very  knowledgeable

smart phoneAn executive summary of the report  can be read here:

Digital inclusion Questionnaire results 2014 for Criminal justice,

including some  considerations for future  practice when working with this group of clients.

These findings are being shared with our partners  in the Criminal Justice sector, and  already one police station is  improving its  provision of  PC’s for  the IOM clients to access.



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