Transforming Rebilitation: Change in preferred bidder announced for Warickshire and West Mercia CRC


Message from Liz Stafford, CEO,Warwickshire And West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company

“Last Wednesday the Secretary of State for Justice announced Preferred Bidders in the competition for the delivery of rehabilitation services. This Stakeholder News is to inform you of a change in the Preferred Bidder for Warwickshire and West Mercia Contract Package Area.

 Geo Mercia Willowdene (GMW) was selected as the preferred bidder to run offender rehabilitation in Warwickshire and West Mercia as part of the Government’s reforms to probation. This consortium includes Geo Group UK, Willowdene Rehabilitation (a social enterprise) and Mercia Community Action (a probation staff mutual).

 It was announced on 5 November that The Ministry of Justice has not been able to reach an acceptable agreement with Geo Group UK.

The MoJ is determined to secure the highest quality outcomes in reducing reoffending and has now begun discussions with EOS, who also submitted a highly credible bid in this contract package area. EOS has now been designated as the preferred bidder and is currently in discussions with both Willowdene Rehabilitation and Mercia Community Action about the opportunity to work in partnership with them.

 staffline_group_logo_low2EOS is part of the Staffline Group of companies.  It is an organisation with a strong track record at helping improve the lives of disadvantaged people.  In the past five years they have helped over 50,000 individuals overcome issues including offending, health, employment, skills, finances and relationships.

 Discussions are now taking place with EOS in preparation for contract award. The overall programme for awarding contracts in 2014 remains on track and we expect providers to be in place and delivering services by early 2015.



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