2 radio interviews : What does having a Children in Need grant mean to young carers

Children in need Supported by children in needOn the eve of the 2014 Children in Need TV show, Mary Lewis, YSS Worcestershire Young Carers  team manager,  in 2 radio interviews for BBC local radio stations  explained  more about the YSS grant received  from Children in Need. The radio shows were focusing on charities, associations and schools  who have benefited from grants from Children in Need :

Mary Lewis Team Manager for YSS Worcestershire young carers

Mary Lewis Team Manager for YSS Worcestershire Young Carers

” We  have had £40k for a 3 year  project, and this goes to support  our young carers Focus Group. They meet  together once a month and look at  services provided for young carers and also for children and young people across the county.   This  goes to inform  service providers too. YSS supports 250 young carers and young adult carers across the county of Worcestershire

In answer to the question – How has  the money been spent? Mary replied:

“We have only had one year in this project so far of the 3 year funding, so there is still money in the pot. This will be used  for  a further 2 years of  development of the  young carers focus group. “

Give examples  of what the money has meant to young carers?

YC with pudsey ears

Young Carers at their conference – complete with Pudsey ears!

“There has been lots of ways  that  we have benefited from this  funding already. The money has meant to  young carers that we can provide 1:1 support, hold regular meetings and provide transport for them. One of the main focuses has been on a young people  led conference, held in May this year. This highlighted the issues facing young carers, and the  impact of caring on their  lives. It was attended by over 70 delegates from a range of organisations. It helped to raise the profile of young carers. Funding from this and from other fund raising  has given them opportunities of breaks from their caring  roles. For example: on residential breaks when they have done activities that they would not normally have had  the chance to do, and they have  had the space to be children and young people.”

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