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CAMERA CONTROL HOLLYAnother huge thank you  to DRP for the  great DVD of the Christmas party, not only of the “Frozen ”  routine but also of the party itself. There is a copy  for each person attending  and this will be  reaching the young people very early in the New Year.

ON THE LIGHTING DECKMary Lewis, YSS Worcestershire Young Carers Team Manager, said: DRP have been extremely generous with their time and resources. They threw a fantastic party for young carers and the foster children who also attended. Although I wasn’t able to attend the party the feedback from staff and young carers was that they had fabulous time, as was wonderfully captured in the DVD of the evening.  The young carers were made to feel very welcome and special, and, for children and young people who are always giving of themselves to others without a second thought, it was a wonderful and rewarding experience. 

I hope this is the start of a very productive relationship between DRP and Worcestershire Young Carers.” 



Dale Parmenter: drpgroup Managing Director added : “Christmas really is a time for us to reflect on the year past, but also think of others. As a business we try to provide help and support to local charities and our local community. When I heard about some of the stories detailing what these young carers do on a day to day basis as well the experiences the foster children go through too, it really struck DSCF6853a chord with not only me but the entire drp team. We produce various events throughout the year, but this one has been one we won’t forget. We wanted to create a party for the young carers and give them an unforgettable experience and hopefully we achieved this.”

DSCF6799DRP Project management said:  “ We loved hosting this party, this time of year should be a happy time and for everyone to come together and enjoy the festive season. To see everyone having fun and smiling this was truly special for the whole team. It really does put things into perspective when we give back to the local community, and we hope that everyone came away feeling Christmassy.”

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