Bradley Mental Health project update and discussion
  • Our mental health development project is now in its 4th and final year with Lloyds funding coming to an end in July 15.
  • There is a widely accepted strong rationale for specialist mental health service for those in Criminal Justice system; evidence from our project supports this demonstrating  both a high level of need amongst our client group,  which is also compounded by a lack of access to appropriate services
  • Key achievements of the project are:
  • susie leading MHFA short courseTraining and coaching has resulted in a significant increase in confidence and awareness of mental health  by YSS staff
  • The project has received 544 referrals, and worked with 209 individuals during 2011-2014.  63% of clients reported an improved score on mental health issues when reviewed at the end of their YSS intervention
  • Our Social Return on Investment assessment confirms the cost effectiveness of our project and suggests that commissioners and communities could expect a return of £7.50 for every £1 invested
  • Our screening shows a wide range of issues, many of which required further specialist    assessment.  Our interventions include:  assistance with referral pathways,  advocacy, supporting mental health management and awareness, motivational interviewing , motivational interviewing and delivery of Moodmaster (Cognitive behavioural therapy ) sessions.
  • The Centre for Mental Health have audited the severity of our service users’ mental health needs and found that the project was engaging with a very high severity of mental health need, equivalent to that of an assertive outreach team caseload.  Despite this  they struggle to access and engage with traditional mental health services.
  • We are seeking to strengthen our strategic  links with commissioners,  health and community partners to ensure that this important element of our work will continue after July 2015.

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