DRP sponsors Worcestershire Young Carers conference – 20 April 2015
A major conference  led  by young carers: April 20: 9.30-3.30:  at DRP, Hartlebury. For more details  and a booking form  email: eventsWYC@yss.org.uk

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DRP, based at Hartlebury, Worcestershire, following their amazing  support of  Worcestershire Young Carers  at  Christmas time, are now  very generously hosting and supporting a Young Carers conference  on April 20.

Mary Lewis, YSS Worcestershire Young Carers Team Manager,  said”  I think this a fabulous offer and great opportunity for young carers. Judging by the standard of the party they laid on , it would give young carers an experience that they probably won’t ever have access to again, to work along side professional organisers will help them develop and improve on the skills and knowledge they gained from planning last May’s conference. 

I think it’s an excellent networking opportunity, especially for those young carers who are interested in this line of work, and I know we got a few young carers who are.  It could be a great way to broaden horizons and raise the aspirations of the young carers with whom we work and would  also contribute to our Children in Need project aims. “

focus group and drp feb 9 2015

Young Carers Focus group and YSS staff and members of the Events team from DRP

This is a young carer lead and owned project,  and  young carers are  playing   a central role in the planning and organising of the event. The Focus group, have had several planning meetings  and  DRP  have  joined them too at  one of these.

During  half term week  young carers have the opportunity to  join the DRP design team  to work  on the invitation  design, and  in coming weeks  they will be  joining camera  crews,   filming  videos  ready for the conference.

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