A new found passion for baking – helps reduce re-offending

How a new found passion for baking has turned a life around :

 A persistent  offender who over the last decade  has never spent longer than 2 months out of prison at any one time,  is now coming up to his two year anniversary of being out of prison. He puts this down to the support he has been given from the Shropshire IOM (Integrated Offender Management) Project, a partnership between YSS and  West Mercia police. Together, with the help of training courses and engaging with the Shropshire Council  programme, Enable,  (which supports  people into employment and work experience as well as providing personal development opportunities), he is now looking positively to the future.

Praise  for the work undertaken by YSS was received from the Shropshire IOM Police Coordinator who said

“ The YSS keyworker (M),  has literally taken him from someone who was quite happy to be in prison and could see no wrong in taking drugs and committing crime, to someone who sees a future without crime, appears to be happy in himself and has taken on quite a character change. Well done to M for persevering!”

YSS Key worker M  added  “It was a challenge at first, working with someone who didn’t see the point in changing. However, after looking at lots of different options, and working through all the knock-backs, he has found a new passion and genuine talent for baking which has changed his whole outlook to life. With these skills, I am confident he will be more successful finding training and employment,  as he is REALLY good at it”

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