Young Carers hear about the direct impact their 2014 conference had on Worcestershire

paul meets the focus groupThe  Young Carers Focus  group  were joined  by Paul Finnemore, Worcestershire County Council Commissioning  Manager,( responsible for young carers and young adult carers),  who updated  them on the  several developments  in the county  that have come about  as a direct result of the 2014 Young Carers conference. These  all achieved  raising awareness of Young Carers  across many organisations in the county.

focus group meeting paul and sending strategy out for consultationHe will be a speaker at this years  conference, on April 20 at drp, and  he had come to the group to discuss what  messages they would like him to  deliver.   These  included  information  about the Young Carers in Schools Programme and about the changes in legislation  for young carers, plus the  direct achievements in the past 12 months  following the 2014  conference.

Young carers were encouraged to add their comments  to the consultation papers  on the Worcestershire County Council Carers strategy, as  they aim to collect as many comments as possible from carers   themselves, including  young carers.

focus group scripting for the scenariosThe Focus group  was also working on scripting  scenarios for the conference, with the  help of the drp team, to get ready for  the scripting editors  and filming crews.

Follow this link for more  information on the 2015 Young Carers conference  or email



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