“It has given me trust and mutual respect for police and staff and I have made friends”
Non Statutory Service  Annual  report  highlights (April  2014- March 2015)

Non Statutory Support Service ( NSS):

latest Annual Report  ( April 14- March 15) Highlights :

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  • A total of 148 referrals have been made across the West Mercia Policing area in this year.
  • 14% of all referrals were women and 98% of a White British background.
  • 31% of all referrals were from the 31-40 age group and 14% were from the 18-24 age group.
  • All individuals referred engaged with their YSS Keyworker on a voluntary basis  and  there  has been an engagement rate of 75%


OUTCOMES ACHIEVED-There were a total of 1912 positive life outcomes achieved across the 7 Reducing Re-offending Pathways during the referral period based against the SMART objectives set out in their personal support plans.

A significant part of the work YSS Keyworkers undertake is supporting, challenging and motivating the people referred. The relationships developed over a period of time allow Keyworkers the confidence to challenge anti-social attitudes and to support the development of pro-social attitudes and a non-criminal identity. The positive engagement rates evidence that Offenders are motivated to engage with YSS as an interventions.

  • The most  frequent  positive outcomes have been in
    • Attitude Thinking & Behaviour (28% of total outcomes)
    •  Education Training and Employment (21% of total outcomes) and Accommodation (15% of total outcomes)
 clock completed in sac march 2015

The positive impact of the work of NSS is clearly seen in the “distance travelled” by the clients from the start to when their cases were closed and showed that their situations had improved. On cases closed for those individuals who initially had significant issues identified at the Initial Needs Review there was : 

  • 41% improvement in their accommodation situation
  • 37% improvement Attitude, Thinking & Behaviour issues
  • 37% improvement on health, 33% Improvement on Education, 9% improvement in employment.
  • 30% improvement  Debt/ finance and 36% improvement on child/family/ relationships on cases 22% improvement alcohol  and 30% improvement drugs .

Client feedback is very important to us: here is some  from this project :

  •  “Very supportive and non judgemental”  
  • They have boundaries but you still feel they understand”
  •  “Had a volunteer – Very Chatty and made me feel at ease
  • I have had a lot of help and glad it is continuing while I need it”
  • “If there were lots of people around the house we would go for coffee”
  • “Responded very well they would get back to me as soon as possible if I had a problem.”

What outcomes did you achieve?

  • I could not have done this without K, she is my rock.
  • K has also been working with me and my parents which have helped my relationship with them.
  • They help with finding what support was out there for me and my addiction, found a course for me which will help me in the future.
  • It has given me trust and mutual respect for police and staff and I have made friends


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