Dan’s story
Since working with Dan, he has said:
  • “T2A has helped shape the life I currently have, which is brill. T2A have gone above and beyond to help me and I now have a future"

Dan is a 20 year old male, who is now back living with his mother. This is proving very difficult, as they have a poor relationship, and have done so for many years.  He has no contact with his father.  Dan suffers with ADHD, Tourettes, OCD and is on the Autistic Spectrum.

As part of the Transition to Adulthood (T2A) project we aimed to help support Dan in finding part-time employment and to access a college course in music. YSS are also helping Dan to live independently and help with benefits and finance.

Since we have been working with Dan, we have completed his CV, and spent time job searching. This exercise has taken place out of the area, as due to the nature of Dan’s offence he was afraid to enter his home town for fear of  possible repercussions. Dan found part time employment  selling door to door, but unfortunately after working for a few weeks, the police asked Dan to leave, as they considered it a risk. Dan was devastated about this, as it was giving him an income which would help him to live independently, and help out with his past debts. On a positive note though, Dan is now attending a music course at Birmingham College, and he is thoroughly enjoying this. We have also approached his tutor and asked for extra learning support, as this will reduce his anxieties when having to meet deadlines for assignments.

We have helped Dan in claiming his JSA, and his Disability Living Allowance, as he didn’t feel confident enough in accessing these services on his own.

Dan is still in the process of trying to find suitable accommodation where he can live independently.  I have engaged a Support Worker from St Basils, to offer floating support in helping in this process , maintaining  a tenancy when he has one, and budgeting skills. Dan said he would find it difficult to live in shared accommodation, due to his tics/tourettes and his OCD.

I have just recently finished working with him, and as he is still emotionally immature and struggles to cope in stressful situations, this is why I have arranged for a support worker  to continue the work. Dan is a very needy young man, who needs lots of re-assurance.

Dan has stated that:

  • “T2A has helped shape the life I currently have, which is brill”
  • “T2A have gone above and beyond to help me”
  • “I now have a future”

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