EnHance feedback from families captured by Taking Part

‘Taking Part’, an independent registered charity providing services to help and support people with learning difficulties and their families throughout Shropshire. ‘Taking Part’ ran activity workshops for both parents/carers and young people to participate in separately at the same venue, date and time. Parent’s activities included mug painting and brooch making; children’s activities included canvas painting and paper plate mask making. Throughout the workshop sessions ‘Taking Part’ staff chatted with parents and children to obtain their views on their participation in the Enhance Project.

‘Taking Part’ organised and facilitated 4 workshops throughout Shropshire – 2 in Shrewsbury, 1 in Oswestry and 1 Bridgnorth. The overall feedback from the parents and children was very positive about the EnHance service.

EH shropshire workshops 2

Families were asked if the service met their needs:

  • – “Yes – In one session with his support worker, he made a ‘memory jar’ which we think was a great idea; it helped him a lot. She also took him out and worked on his emotions.”
  • – “The service was originally for 12 weeks but had it for 15 to 16 weeks because things were going so well. Our worker did 1:1 for my son both in school and activities. The service mainly focused on him because of his behaviours.”
  • – “The service was very good and I felt I was listened to, it has helped our daughterand transformed her into a different child.”

EH shropshire workshops 1

Families were asked if they would recommend the service, or use it again if needs be:

  • – “Told a lot of people about it and appreciated the team involvement.”
  • – “Yes and would recommend it to friends. Very helpful and have been able to move things forward.”

EH shropshire workshops 5

Families were asked if progress had been made since the service finished:

  • – “Progress has been made in dealing with behaviours, and maintained. It has helped my son to identify his feelings and given the ability to deal with them. He can now identify his emotions better.”
  • – “Good progress to date and we hope it continues. Boundaries are now known and our son is listening to instructions more.”

EH shropshire workshops 4

Families were asked if they felt listened to:

  • – “We feel listened to by EnHance especially by one of our workers and appreciate the calls now.”
  • – “Not at the beginning with other teams but the EnHance team did. Now they are all listening and that makes a difference. School is also listening.”
  • – ” Yes by EnHance.”

EH shropshire workshops 3

 Further comments from service users:

  • – ” My son was the problem with the family but EnHance intervention helped. Life at school and home is very different but it did start to impact on home life so EnHance started at the right time.”
  • – “I have a mentor at school now; this has made a big difference to me and helped at lot. I also have had a mentor at home to take me out, this has been good too.”
  • – “We now have a behaviour board at home & we put smiley faces on it. This has helped us we think as our brother does seem better.”
  • – “I had support from my worker, I was very low as my Nan had passed away, she came weekly to talk to me and this helped lots.”
  • “She taught me skills I can use throughout my life, now and as an adult. I’m so much more confident now, and happier.”


YSS wishes to thank ‘Taking Part’ and SPC for undertaking this work.

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