Angela Parton guest speaker at Home-start Shropshire AGM
plus Anita shares her  journey "From Home-Start to EnHance – from co-ordinator to keyworker"

Angela Parton YSS Operations Director ( on left) and Sarah Dowler EnHance Team Manager

YSS operations director, Ange Parton was pleased to be invited, as guest speaker, to the Home-Start Shropshire AGM. Ange spoke about the importance of partnerships both to YSS and Home-Start Shropshire as well as the importance of high quality staff and volunteers.

Sue Green, YSS EnHance senior key worker and Rachel Boydell and Anita Hunter  YSS EnHance key workers, all attended.





Anita shared  with the AGM her experiences of  working for  the EnHance project :


From Home-Start to Enhance – from co-ordinator to keyworker

  • “I have been directly linked to the Enhance project since its birth in September 2013 as part of a joint contract initiated by the local authority between YSS and Home-start. With a focus placed on providing early help to families and children / young people between the ages of 0 to 19 I felt excited and enthused to be part of a project with such an emphasis on my own potential to re-engage in direct 1-1 support with the children and young people and emphasis also placed on whole-family support with significant importance being placed on parenting support where necessary.
  • anita and sue

    Anita Hunter ( on left) and Sue Green from YSS EnHance team

    The project consists of a team of keyworkers from a variety of professional backgrounds working with children and families in differing capacities and all with considerable and varying skill and experience in the arena of supporting children and families. The project places substantial emphasis on working holistically and acknowledges the importance and value of taking a ‘whole family approach’ when supporting a child.



  • The service itself aims to work to a 12 week model of support to help facilitate positive outcomes for the referred child and their family. As keyworkers we have the wonderful freedom and flexibility of being able to initiate different ways in which we engage and connect with a child, their siblings and parents so we are able to get as creative as we wish! Each Keyworker has their own case load with responsibility to carry out 1-1 support either in the school environment or within the family home – working directly with the child and / or the parents and other family members (ie siblings) where appropriate.


  • My own personal journey from volunteer coordinator to enhance keyworker has for me felt a reasonably seamless transition. From the beginning it was clear the team was going to be of a considerable size and with many years of combined experience. Just what this project needed! I felt confident that although the role was going to be different, I also felt assured that there would be a strong cohesive feeling to the team and that during this phase of new beginnings (as it was for all of us) there would be a genuine sense of care and support for each other and as a whole team. This was very much the case then as it very much is now.
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    EnHance Service user feedback

    The similarities between the two roles provided me with a comfortable familiarity whilst in the early stages of the project commencing. Having direct contact with families is an important part of my role now as a keyworker, as it was as coordinator (although not in the same context) and it continues to remain an integral part of my professional life which I feel extremely passionate and focused about.

  • Although there have been numerous challenges and changes from the beginning
    Story Cubes - a great resource that has been used to help service users communicate their thoughts

    Story Cubes – a great resource that has been used to help service users communicate their thoughts

    of the project to now, what has always remained solid and ever present is the commitment to the service that we are providing. The drive, dedication and seldom waning commitment from the whole team (although holidays to re-coup and re-charge are always very welcome!) is such an inspiration and one that feeds my own enthusiasm to do a good job and be as effective in this role as possible.






  • while we chat we paintIn a nutshell, I feel thoroughly priviledged to be involved and engaged in such a positive and for many, a life changing project. To be able to contribute and impact families in such a supportive and facilitative way with a strong team of fellow workers isn’t always such an easy thing to come by.




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