Young carers “Catching the Smile” thanks to the Masonic Fishing Charity

Catching the Smile

 At the  beginning of September, 11 young carers attended the last activity of our summer holidays programme. Everybody descended on the Broad Acres fishing lake in Hanbury for a day of fishing, courtesy of the kind people of the Masonic Fishing charity.

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“The Masonic Fishing Charity’s aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people ”.

Each young carer was paired up with one of the charities experienced fishermen, who taught them the basics before casting off in search of fish. There were several different approaches to the task – some pairings decided to use maggots in order to get the smaller fish – of which there were plenty. Others decided to use sweetcorn and go after the bigger fish – but this required a lot more patience (which was rewarded with some really big fish however!)

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The young carers staff were all very impressed by how well the group focused and concentrated on the fishing as well as how well they worked with their more experienced partners. After a long morning of hard concentration the group had a break for lunch, also provided by the Masonic fishing charity. There were plenty of burgers and hot dogs as well as fruit, salad and a few sweet treats to finish with.


After the lunch break there was a quick football kick about before heading back to the fishing pool for the last hour and a half. For the rest of the session the group continued where they left and plenty more fish were caught.

WP_20150902_070At the end of the session everybody congregated for a short presentation ceremony where everybody received a framed certificate as well as medals being handed out for the biggest fish, smallest fish and the most fish caught (a staggering 97!).

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Overall, it really was a great day and a fantastic way to finish the summer activities. Some quotes from the young carers were:

  • “You really have to concentrate to do it properly – and I don’t think I’ve ever concentrated on anything else so much in my life”
  • “At first I didn’t want to hold the fish but by the end I was taking the hooks out of their mouths on my own – it was really good fun, can we come again?”

Keyworker Neil Phillips said of the day:

  • “I was so pleased that every single one of the group really bought into and engaged in the activity. Even the young people who weren’t so sure at the beginning really enjoyed it which was great to see. I think the event was very well organised and thought out and we cant say thank you enough to the Masonic Fishing Charity for the donation and all of their hard work”
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