Huge thank you to Boots for Christmas gifts for Young Carers

gifts handed over


At a recent Pharmacy meeting for Boots UK in this area, all   managers were asked to bring a Christmas gift for a child. Boots have been supporting  Children in Need for many years and have raised millions of pounds for them. In addition the local teams were also interested in supporting local charities in Worcestershire who were working with Children in Need. The Children in Need YSS WYC participation project in Worcestershire was the one they choose for these gifts. They will be distributed to the young carers at one of their Christmas parties in December.

Discussions took place about how  Boots can work further with young carers. Hollie  commented”  We are excited about working together in the future, and are looking at other ideas, and opportunities to support young carers and to help raise awareness of this group of young people.”

Mary Lewis, WYC team manager said ” A huge thank you to all the managers who contributed to this, and a special thanks to Store Managers Hollie, Patricia, Emma and HR administrator Deborah for coming to meet us today, and for  the  bags of gifts handed over . Christmas has come early! It was also  the chance to explain more about the work we do”.

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