“Really impressed with the changes, he is a completely different child, can’t thank you enough” Parents feedback on the EnHance project in Shropshire

Here's an update  from the

Shropshire EnHance project

following their latest quarterly report.

EnHance Early Help in Shropshire  project is now in its 3rd year,   working with  0-19 years olds and families across the county. Since the EnHance Service began it has worked with 784 referrals, with the majority feeling that their needs had been met.

Each quarter we now receive over 90 new referrals, as the trend for referrals continues to increase month on month. 84% of all the referrals to the service come from school related sources, with the highest  percentage  from primary  schools.  A further 7% were de-escalated from Social Care or Children’s Services.  Whilst the peak age of referrals is typically 9 and 10yrs, there has been a reasonable distribution across all other age ranges, with 75% male. The majority of referrals continue to be for young people from the Shrewsbury area although proportionally there continues to be a trend towards more from other areas. e.g.an increasing proportion of referrals from Oswestry and Market Drayton.

dream house 2

Dream House: “Drawing and Talking” by a 10 year old

The EnHance delivery model was designed to be a short term intervention (12 weeks) aimed at building confidence and resilience in parents and young people.  Now as the service is evolving into a more defined “Whole Family Approach”,many active cases are  working with  not only young person but also family members, hence  our clients  have received  up to  25 weeks support   in over 75% of cases.


reach of enhanced service

Many of the  referrals are for  helping strategies with  family and social relationships, managing  emotions, managing  peer  influences, parenting  skills, problem solving skills, and getting on  better with others. From the  last quarter  many positive outcomes were achieved and this can be seen in the results from the cases closed in that period:

evaluation of postive family life

Here are  some Young persons comments  about their  time with  EnHance

  • “I have learned how to control my feelings.”
  • “If I didn’t get the support, I think I would still be getting angry all the time.  Good to have someone outside of the family and school to talk to and I was never grumpy when I had to see my worker”
  • I’ve got lots of new friends and I’m proud of it. “I felt left out,  now EnHance  has been helping me “
  • “We had fun playing games and making a ‘chillout box’. I now have lots of ideas on how to manage my temper.”
  • “She listened to me.”

Here are  some Parents comments  about their involvement with  EnHance :

  • “Thank You.“
  • “The support and advice given to us as a family has provided us all with hope and confidence.”
  • “Really impressed with the changes, he is a completely different boy and we can’t thank you enough”
  • “I was put in touch with a parenting group and it was so good and made me more understanding of my child.”
  • “ I am confident that we have a better relationship in the future.”
  • “Very valuable service I think it would be very helpful to many “
  • “Having someone to talk to, someone who can give him ideas of how to manage and control his feelings and emotions.”
  • “All the family has benefitted”.
  • “It was great experience, behaviour has improved and EnHance helped us to understand why.”
  • “The support from EnHance has given more confidence in dealing situations she found difficult.”
  • “Been invaluable, Been listened to. Thank You.”


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