YSS still life

YSS Still life: this was completed at the recent YSS Celebrating 30 years staff conference – and here is the peoples vote winning still life:


Each item represents YSS:

  • Moth= symbolises intuitiveness, sensitivity and mood swings/like butterflies but less attractive. Reflecting client group we work with, who have the ability to change and come to the light!
    Aloe vera = soothing healing plant/may look spikes and unattractive – what you see is not always what you get.
    Keys=helping service users unlock their potential and find the key to their success.
    Jenga=represents YSS as an organisation/ has many projects / solid foundations
    Thunderbirds are go = While YSS is not international , our rescue standards are as effective. Resolve to go out to support by building confidence, skills and empower others to enhance their lives. In YSS we have many different thunderbirds!
The winning team

The winning team

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