YSS Appropriate Adult Service once again has great feedback- well done!

“Well done and thank you for all your hard work and support to all our YSS volunteers and YSS staff supporting the  volunteers.” David Andrewartha, YSS Operations Manager,  added following recent feedback on the YSS Appropriate Adult Service:from Custody Sergeants:

“The service is invaluable and without it juveniles in custody would be very problematic to deal with”

When asked:

“How do you currently find the service delivered by our Appropriate Adult Service for Juveniles aged   10 – 17 years?”

Replies were Excellent  for 100%

“Do you find volunteers are trained adequately to carry out the role of the Appropriate Adult?“

Replies were Very well trained or Well trained   for 100%

“In your professional opinion, on average, how effective were YSS volunteers and staff in helping your detainee’s through their processes whilst in custody?”

Replies were Effective    or   Very effective for 100%


What is this project/ service?

The Police and the Criminal Evidence Act (P.A.C.E.) 1984 and the Youth Justice Board National Standards require that any young person aged between 10 to 17 years of age inclusive, whilst being interviewed under caution at the police station, must have an Appropriate Adult in attendance.

YSS developed a volunteer Appropriate Adult service for 10-17 year olds being detained in Police Custody in 1999 and have a team of volunteers throughout West Mercia delivering this service to young people.

Interested in Volunteering  for this project, which runs across West Mercia? Follow this link to find out more: Volunteering for YSS

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