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This project aims to support children and young people up to 25 years of age who help  to look after a parent, guardian or sibling within  their home  who is ill or has a disability.


Worcestershire Young Carers


Young Carers visit the seaside

The YSS Worcestershire Young Carer’s project aims to support children and young people who are carers.

The term young carer should be taken to include children and young people  who provide regular and ongoing care and emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances…. a young carer becomes vulnerable when the level of care giving  and responsibility to the person in need of care becomes excessive or inappropriate for that child, risking impacting on his or her emotional or physical or educational achievements and life chances.

To learn more, please download our adult fact sheet here – WYC Adult Fact Sheet

Watch “ A Day in the Life of a Young Carer”: this film was made by Worcestershire Young Carers with the help of www.fixers.org.uk   and  the funding they received from the National Lottery.

What sort of things do Young Carers do?

  • Helping in the house – shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing &ironing
  • Personal tasks – help with dressing, bathing & going to the toilet etc
  • Looking after brothers and sisters
  • Providing emotional support
  • Giving medication
  • Helping with communication
  • Supporting at hospital appointments
  • Helping with budgeting
WYC castle 3

Young Carers visiting Eastnor Castle in Summer 2015

YSS provides support for up to 250 young carers  per month. This is mostly through clubs and activities although we also support around 30 young people on a one to one basis at any one time who have acute and complex needs.

Our work with Young Carers breaks down into 4 main areas:

  • Assessments
  • The core work of the project is to provide assessments of young carers needs and provide signposting, guidance and advice to young carers and their families.
  • One to one support work for young carers with significant needs – who are vulnerable and have complex needs.
  • Clubs and activities

For more Professional Referral Information read : Agency Referral Information -amended Oct 15


For a referral form:Young Carers Professionals Referral Form


For a young person self referral:Young Carers Self Referral Form


YSS Safeguarding Statement

YSS is committed to ensuring that children, young people and adults at risk who come into contact with YSS staff and volunteers are treated with respect, and are free from all forms of abuse or mistreatment. We are also committed to ensuring that all staff and volunteers are aware of their responsibilities, and have the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and maintain the welfare and safety of those with whom they come into contact.

YSS have comprehensive safeguarding policies which are reviewed annually.  

The designated member of staff  responsible for safeguarding is Angela Parton, Operations Director,  angela.parton@yss.org.uk

YSS Safeguarding  policies:  YSS Safeguarding policies.

Welcome to the Know Your Rights pack for young carers in England

This pack aims to make young carers aware of their rights –human rights, legal rights, and rights to access things like benefits, support and advice. It has now been updated to include the new rights under the Care Act 2014 and Children and Families Act 2014.

Need to know where to find things out in a hurry? The pack is designed to easily link to areas you are interested in, and signpost to external information when needed.  It has lots of links to useful and interesting resources that can help – and help raise awareness about young carers’ issues!

Know your rights : tcs_ycif_know_your_rights


 YSS Ltd Worcestershire Young Carers Participation project in Worcestershire are delighted to announce that BBC Children in Need have awarded them a grant of £41,000 over 3 years. This grant will fund and help make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people right here in Worcestershire. This grant has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the public, during which saw £26 million raised on Appeal night 2012.

The  project is establishing a young carers participation group with regular  monthly group meetings led by a skilled participation worker and supported by   volunteers. The focus is on empowering young carers and giving them a  platform to raise the awareness and issues of young carers in Worcestershire  as well as producing regular newsletters and website/social media updates to  reflect their thoughts and views and give them a collective voice.

This is  following on from a recent request for young carers to attend and speak at a   safeguarding conference where we realized the resources, responsibility and  skills required to prepare them to carry out the role. However the positive   effect on the young carers, who were involved in this one off event, was  staggering in terms of their communication skills, self esteem and  confidence.

Young Carers have subsequently asked to develop their own   participation group in order to empower them to develop their own more   pro-active approach to participation and awareness raising and to be involved   directly and meaningfully in discussions and decisions that affect them. As   well as monthly group meetings, young carers will accompany the participation   worker to meetings with relevant groups/professionals such as health, GP’s. With the support of BBC Children in Need, Worcestershire Young Carers can employ a skilled Participation worker, one day a week, and they are already planning their first major event – a conference.

Quote from Mary Lewis, Team manager of Worcestershire young Carers said; “We could not reach out to the young people in Worcestershire without the support of BBC Children in Need. This grant will go on to change the lives of so many young carers and give them the support they need to let their voices be heard so that they can inform and shape services to meet their needs.”



Social  Return  on Investment:

An independent research associate completed  this  report  in December 2014 and the findings   were that  for the period under study the project provided  added value of  £8.69 for every £1 of investment. The full report  can be found here: WYC Social Return on Investment Report 2014

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