Complaints, Compliments and Comments Procedure

Complaints, Compliments and Comments Procedure



YSS aims to work to the highest possible standards with everyone we come into contact with. Feedback is very important to us to enable us to continually review and improve our services. Every Service User will be handed a copy of the “Complaints, Compliments and Comments” card at their first meeting and will also receive a verbal explanation by their YSS worker of what it is.


For a complaint to be considered, it has to relate to an action or service provided by a YSS staff member, trustee, volunteer, contractor, or agent working for YSS. A complaint can also be about the failure of any of these people, to take an action or make a decision.

Complaints made by a parent or carer of a young person who has received a service from YSS will also be considered.

If the complainant is under 16 years of age, the complaint can be made by them but it is recommended that they have an advocate to assist. An advocate does not have to be a parent or guardian but could be a responsible friend over 16 years of age, or someone from a specialist agency that provides advocacy services. YSS can advise where independent advocacy support can be obtained.

How to Complain

We will accept a complaint verbally, by letter or e-mail. . All complaints will be dealt with in confidence. YSS acknowledge the complaint in writing within 5 working days of receipt, giving a timeframe for an answer or, if relevant, giving the address of the appropriate body to contact.

Phone: 01905 730 780


Write: Human Resources, YSS Head Office, 13-17 Carden Street, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR1 2AT.

If the complainant is not happy with the outcome of the complaint they are entitled to appeal with 15 working days of receiving the outcome by writing to the Chief Executive Officer explaining why they want to appeal.

Complaint Monitoring

All complaints received by YSS staff must be recorded and forwarded to Human Resources within 24 hours of receipt of complaint. Human Resources will assign a named individual to investigate the complaint. The Senior Management Team (SMT) will monitor all complaints on an on going basis.

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