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YSS has extensive experience  in a range of settings in providing  support for Children, Young People and Families with a key focus on targeted support for all. YSS staff have a wide variety of skills  and expertise e.g. Assessments, Information, Advice and Guidance,  Parenting, Family conferencing, Positive activities and Mentoring.

YSS Safeguarding Statement

YSS is committed to ensuring that children, young people and adults at risk who come into contact with YSS staff and volunteers are treated with respect, and are free from all forms of abuse or mistreatment. We are also committed to ensuring that all staff and volunteers are aware of their responsibilities, and have the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and maintain the welfare and safety of those with whom they come into contact.

YSS have comprehensive safeguarding policies which are reviewed annually.

The designated member of staff  responsible for safeguarding is Angela Parton, Operations Director,

 Here are the YSS Safeguarding policies: YSS Safeguarding policies.

and supporting   national  documents:What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused; Working together to safeguard children; Information sharing advice safeguarding_practitioners


These are the projects we are currently delivering:


Appropriate Adult

The Police and the Criminal Evidence Act (P.A.C.E.) 1984 and the Youth Justice Board National Standards require that any young person aged between 10 and 17 years of age inclusive, whilst being interviewed under caution at the police station, must have an Appropriate Adult in attendance. YSS developed a volunteer Appropriate Adult service for 10-17 year olds being detained in Police Custody in 1999 and have a team of volunteers throughout West Mercia delivering this service to young people. The service is commissioned by West Mercia Youth Offending Service.


EnHance (Shropshire Early Help)

EnHance is a targeted service commissioned by Shropshire Council to provide Early Help support for children young people and their families when their needs cannot be met by routine universal services. The EnHance Service is provided by YSS as the lead partner, in con-junction with Shropshire Home-Start. EnHance keyworkers are co located with partner agencies around the county. The aim of the EnHance Service is to improve outcomes for children and young people by ensuring that they and their families receive appropriate support at the earliest opportunity.

EnHance is an integral part of Shropshire’s Early Help offer and provides a flexible service to build resilience in children, young people and their families, helping children have a safe, happy and healthy family life. The service offers a wide range of support that can be measured in terms of effectiveness, impact and outcomes.

Support is time limited, can be delivered on a one to one basis or in groups in the local community (school and/or home settings), at flexible times and to meet identified needs. The work is carried out by keyworkers and or trained volunteers in partnership with parents/carers as well as other agencies involved.

Annette , an EnHance project volunteer, sharing her YSS experiences

Annette , an EnHance project volunteer, sharing her YSS experiences

Volunteers are at the heart of the  EnHance service. Both YSS and Home-Start deploy volunteers extensively to give flexibility and diversity to their organisations. Volunteers add value to EnHance by helping parents to develop effective parenting strategies which builds their self confidence and skills, as well as helping them to understand their children. Volunteers mentor children and young people helping them to achieve better outcomes for example improved engagement with school or involvement in positive activities.  Full training and support is given to volunteers in this role. More details on Volunteering for YSS and EnHance  can be found at Shropshire  volunteering pages.

Service Criteria 

  • Aged 0-19
  • Resident in Shropshire
  • Evidence of unmet need requiring targeted support
  • Parent/carer gives consent

The child/young person shouldn’t have a need that is so complex that it requires support from a specialist service, although referrals may be taken from specialist services.

 EnHance offers

  •  A key worker to offer 1 to 1 support for the child/young person
  • Mentoring by trained volunteers to support children and young people to access positive activities and broaden their life experience
  • Parent/ carer support provided by keyworkers or trained volunteers, on an individual basis or in groups

Here are  examples of the support we can  offer:

Gina's Jar

Gina’s Jar

Children and Young People:

  • Help with managing anger
  • Improving relationship
  • Improving  school attendance
  • Develop  confidence  and self esteem


milk shake breathing

Milk shake breathing


  • Parenting strategies
  • Improving family relationships

How to make a referral

How to make a referral  to EnHance

  1. Gain consent – complete  the Shropshire Strengthening Family through Early Help consent form – see the Information briefing Sheet for Parents that explains why and how  information is held
  2. Identify emerging needs – complete the Whole Family Webstar Assessment and Whole Family Action Plan (you may not be able to fully complete these and can request contributions from other practitioners involved)
  3. Complete the  Early Help  Referral  Form and attach with the above. Send to Compass, address given on form.

The Whole Family Webstar Assessment and Whole Family Action Plan are available to complete through ECINS.  The forms are  also available on (If you’re not yet signed up to ECINS, please contact

 The Early Help  referral form should be sent together with the Strengthening Families consent form, the Whole Family  webstar assessment  and Whole Family action plan to the address provided on form.

 Please also see the website  for information and guidance and to download tools and resources.

If you have any questions about EnHance please contact:

Sarah Dowler, EnHance Team Manager. Tel 07968 991131 or email:

Sue Green, EnHance Senior Key Worker: Tel 07791 876599 or email:

Maria Evans, EnHance Senior  Key Worker: Tel  07584 278738 or email:

or  email:

or Telephone EnHance Central Support: 01743 250951

To sign up for the early help newsletter please email

Family First Support Service  in Worcester City

Family First Support Service is a new pilot project  being offered to families in Worcester City, in partnership with Action for Children.

The service  offers practical and emotional support  to families  of those  in prison who reside  in Worcester city. Through  our support and guidance, we can  help you and your family  cope  with the demands of having a partner or loved one  in prison and know  that  you have  someone to turn to.


Do you know someone/are you someone who has a partner or parent of a child  in prison?

Do they/you have at least one child between the age of 0 -19?

To sign up to the project : see our leaflet  and referral form

YSS Family First Support Service

Family First Support Service referral form

Support  may include:

  • Planning for prison visits
  • Preparing  for prison release
  • Family, schooling and child support
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Accommodation
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Employment and training support
  • Improving IT skills

For  more information and to contact the service:

 Worcestershire Young Carers

WMF charity cheque presentation 2This project aims to support children and young people who look after  a parent, sibling or close family member, who is ill or has a disability. The support is tailored to meet individual need. YSS has delivered this since 2003 and it has grown and developed significantly since that time. Please click here for the dedicated young carers page.

Young Carers Volunteers: Volunteers are used as mentors or to help out at our clubs and activities that are regularly held.

Worcestershire Young Adult Carers

The project is closely aligned to young carers but is helping to provide support to young adult carers aged 16 -24 with a specific focus on education, training and employment.

Young Adult Carers Volunteers: Volunteers are used as mentors or to help out at our clubs and activities that are regularly held.

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