YSS 30 years congratulated by Professor Nick Hardwick
 14876643_1194827223920859_2745262867549465489_oAn excellent  lecture  by Professor Nick Hardwick – thank you to all for  attending  and to Worcester Cathedral for  looking after us  so well, including refreshments in the stunning  Chapter House beforehand.
As promised, it was a thought provoking talk,  leaving us with lots to think about.
YSS was congratulated on its 30 years  by Canon Michael Brierley,  Professor Hardwick and HH Judge Daniel Pearce- Higgins.
Nick  explained that his  own working career  had  started in  similar  areas to that of YSS 30 years  ago. He reflected on the days in the late 80’s  when homeless  young  people were all thought of as  run aways, where as in fact they had been “thrown ” out of  childrens homes/ foster homes etc. He   certainly made us  look at the  current  ” casual attitude to risk”, some of the complex  situations/ circumstances resulting in deaths by armed police,  and to  consider what prisons  currently need. The advantages of using local voluntary sector organisations v  national big players  for aspects  of work in the criminal justice  situation  were pointed out.
One the day the annual Prison statistics were  released,   we heard  about the  significant increases  in deaths, self harming, violent incidents etc per week-  many at alarming rates,  above 20% increases over  those from 2015.
14855967_1194826973920884_1377903562477669759_oOur thanks to Professor Harding, and to HH Judge Daniel Pearce- Higgins  for the vote of thanks.
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