YSS attend the Buckingham Palace Garden Party

On 1st June 2017 YSS staff members Lucy Ash and Jake Dhir attended the annual garden party at Buckingham Palace. Lucy gave us this fabulous write up of her day:

The day started at Telford Train station with 2 very excited people. Me and Jake had Cheshire cat grins, we did get a few looks and questions as to where we were going and when we told people, they were amazed and wished us a great day.  When we arrived at Buckingham Palace it was amazing to see everyone dressed up in all their finery but my hat was definitely the biggest (lol).


On arrival at the palace, we went through a courtyard  to the gardens which were stunning . There were thousands of people , I am sure feeling as privileged as us to be there.  There were 2 brass bands playing at either end of the gardens. When the Queen arrived we all stood waiting for a glimpse. We were lucky to be in the front when she was leaving so had a great view. By the end of the day our feet were sore but it was well worth it.

Lucy and Jake dressed to impress


Thank you so much for the opportunity of going,  we have done nothing but talk about it since.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity we were privileged to experience and share not only with our YSS colleagues but also with our family and friends, who were as excited as us.

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