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Worcestershire Young Carers and Young Adult Carers (WYC) are currently actively  looking for donations or fundraising  to support our work. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION PLEASE CONTACT THE WORCESTERSHIRE YOUNG CARERS TEAM ON THEIR DEDICATED TELEPHONE NUMBER : 01905 619 886

Thank you for your interest in supporting YSS.

Thank you  to all our very generous donors, contributing to £10211.64 during 2015  for Worcestershire Young Carers and Young Adult Carers:

A huge thank you to all for supporting Worcestershire Young Carers.

Currently YSS are actively looking for donations and fundraising to support WYC. One of our biggest on-going costs is for running monthly clubs and providing  a range of activities specifically for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers. Through clubs we currently support over 160 young carers each month.  Clubs are held every month and young people are transported (usually by taxi) to the club for a chance  to have some much needed time out and respite from their caring duties. This allows them an opportunity to relax and just be a young person, an opportunity that they might not otherwise have.If you wish to read more about the work of the WYC team please click here.

Throughout the year  a wide variety of additional activities  are organised and it is for these in particular that we are always seeking further funding. This could be a trip to the sea-side, a visit to a festival, or a daytrip.

Thank  you for all the generous donations:  these are some examples from the past 12 months:

Wolverley CofE School Donation £845
North Worcester Rotary Donation £500
Redditch Recorder Group Collection  £313.34
Mid-Counties Co-Op Ltd Donation £1058
Lisa Watters Marathon running fundraising £1165
Soroptimist Club of Kidderminster Fund Raising £232.34
Pershore College Fundraising £337.14
Rotary Club of Bromsgrove Donation £3000
YMCA Redditch NCS  Fundraising £308.09
Friends of Elmbridge Donation £300
Saltway Quilters

Vanessa Briggs

Fundraising £725

Donation £3500



You could choose to support through either:

  • Individual Donations- please click DONATE ONLINE at the base of any page. This will take you to the YSS page on the MyDonate website. YSS choose this charity donation site, after comparison with other similar sites, as it maximizes  the donation reaching YSS, and takes only a small administration fee  from the donation,if you are eligible for gift aid. (MyDonate is a charity itself.)
  • Fundraising – we have had individuals  running marathons, organising cake stalls, lunches and dinners and even climbing mountains to raise funds for us. For example a former member of staff raised £400 from her  half marathon  run.  Fund raisers have raised from £50 upwards and every penny raised goes directly to support your chosen project. We are very grateful for all amounts no matter how small.

If you are interested in fundraising  or  in supporting us as an individual or as a company , please contact Senior Key worker  Neil Phillips,  on or Ann Constable directly on 07785 619887 or email


Got a question? Call us on 01905 619886
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