Our Volunteer Co-ordinator in Herefordshire is Beth Raynor-Smith,  and to contact her  about any aspect of  volunteering in Herefordshire: phone  Beth: 07815 961 188 or email For ARC: email  Project Co-ordinator: or phone : 0749 386 6548

These are the projects using volunteers currently in Herefordshire.

Please click on the name of each project to find out more about the work of that specific project and how volunteers are used. This will help you to understand more about the work we are delivering and some of the volunteering roles we have to offer:


Please click the links below to download more information on volunteering

Appropriate Adult Leaflet

Appropriate Adult Role Description

Volunteer Mentor Role Description

Criminal Justice volunteer champion role description

Your Questions Answered


To apply to become a volunteer on any of these projects please complete an application form:


Volunteer Application Form


If you have any  queries at all regarding volunteering  please contact Beth Raynor-Smith

  Beth : 07815 961188



For ARC: email  Project Co-ordinator:

or telephone: 0749 386 6548

Got a question? Call us on 01905 730780
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