These  reports include: "Celebrating Volunteering" and "Service Users Perspective"

"Annual Report on Male Prisons" ; " Hidden ;from View": Children's Society Report;  YSS Bradley Mental Health Project 2015 ; YSS Enhanced Support for Supervision: 6month report;

YSS Annual Reports 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014,  2012-2013, 2011-2012 and 2010-2011;

YSS: Celebrating Volunteering- a volunteers perspective

Celebrating Volunteering: Volunteers’ Perspective

 YSS:  A Service Users perspective- service user feedback

YSS Service Users’ Perspective 2016

YSS Annual Accounts  and Report  2015-2016

Please  follow the link below for these   YSS Annual  report  and accounts :

YSS Annual Accounts & Trustees report year Ended 31 March 2016


Chief Inspector of Prisons’ Annual Report , Some key quotes from the report (Published July 2015) are also available on our news page


 Children Society  report  on Young Carers: Experiences of  Young Carers: Hidden-from-view_young-carers


YSS Bradley Mental Health updated  report  with  forward by Lord Bradley. Download the report   here: YSS Bradley report May 2015 forward by Lord Bradley and Harriet Stranks


YSS Annual report:2013-2014

Download the  report here: YSS Annual Review 2013 2014

YSS Mental  health conference/ offenders in the community 2013: YSS Mental Health Conference report June 2013.

This report  gives an executive summary of the conference, together with  Voluntary Sector, Probation, Police, National Adult and Youth  perspectives; details on Transition  to Adulthood, learning from Lloyds TSB pilots, the NHS perspective and   summaries on the  themes from the conference roundtable  discussions on ” So What?”.

Young Adults in Custody: T2A Alliance report  September 2013

A new report from the Transition to Adulthood Alliance examines how the needs of young adults are met in custody, finding that in many instances prisons fail to provide sufficient activities, education and levels of safety.

Among recommendations included in the report are that young adults be placed near to home, in institutions which provide high-quality activities. Rob Allen identifies effective leadership from governors as key to meeting the distinct needs of young adults – making specific commitments to meeting the health, development and resettlement needs of that group. His report also recommends a wider range of residential placements, age-appropriate discipline systems, targeted staff training, a remodelling of all YOIs as Secure Colleges and research into effective means of violence reduction which don’t reduce activities.

The Opportunity  of the Social Value Act:

 Read page 6 as an example of Creative  Commissioning  with Willowdene Care Farm and West Mercia Probation Trust:Social value 2013

Volunteer Impact Assessment: Clinks 2012

In 2012 Clinks completed a service user suvey, including YSS,  to complete a volunteer impact assessment. This looked at the views of service users (offenders) to compare the perspectives of how they rated the different roles of volunteers, YSS key workers, Probation officers and also Police Officers. Read the  report Volunteer Impact Assessment (Ben Jarman CLINKS) 2012

Repairing shattered lives: Brain injury and the implications for criminal justice report. October 2012

The report, just released, written by Professor Huw Edwards of Exeter University, explains the connection between acquired brain injury (ABI) and increased contact between children, young people and young adults with criminal justice processes, with a particular focus on the impact of ABI upon developmental maturity. This report combines a review of current studies on the subject with recommendations for commissioners and practitioners.

Three key themes emerge from the research:

  • There is growing evidence of links between incurring a TBI and subsequent offending. This indicates a need to reduce injuries and to manage consequences of injury to enable rehabilitation to be at its most effective;
  • There is compelling evidence of a very high prevalence rate of TBI in offenders in custody relative to the general population. Moreover, such injury may be linked to earlier and more frequent custodial sentences, and to more violent offending; and
  • TBI in childhood and young adulthood may be particularly associated with offending behaviour. Earlier and more effective means to assess and manage the consequences of TBI in the offender population, and those at risk of offending, may lead to improved outcomes for affected individuals and for society.

Download the report here:Repairing Shattered Lives

YSS Annual report:2012-2013

Download the  report here: YSS Annual Report 2012 2013

YSS Annual Report 2011-2012

Download  the report  here:  YSS 2011/2012 Annual Report

YSS Annual Report 2010-2011

Download  the report here: 2010 -2011 YSS Annual Review


1Step Beyond: West Mercia VCS event October 2012: summary by NAthan Dick, Clinks

Download the blog  here: Is West Mercia Probation Trust on to a good thing- final blog by nathan dick clinks

 Open Public Services – Experiences  from the voluntary sector- including YSS, October 2012

Download the report here:Open Public Services_ Experiences from the voluntary sector

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