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Bradley Mental Health update and report: January 2015

  • Our mental health development project is now in its 4th and final year with Lloyds funding coming to an end in July 15.
  • There is a widely accepted strong rationale for specialist mental health service for those in CJ system; evidence from our project supports this demonstrating  both a high level of need amongst our client group,  which is also compounded by a lack of access to appropriate services
  • Key achievements of the project are:
  1. Training and coaching has resulted in a significant increase in confidence and awareness of mental health  by YSS staff
  2. The project has received 544 referrals, and worked with 209 individuals during 2011-2014.  63% of clients reported an improved score on mental health issues when reviewed at the end of their YSS intervention
  3. Our Social Return on Investment assessment confirms the cost effectiveness of our project and suggests that commissioners and communities could expect a return of £7.50 for every £1 invested
  4. Our screening shows a wide range of issues, many of which required further specialist    assessment.  Our interventions include:  assistance with referral pathways,  advocacy, supporting mental health management and awareness, motivational interviewing , motivational interviewing and delivery of Moodmaster (Cognitive behavioural therapy ) sessions.
  • The Centre for Mental Health have audited the severity of our service users’ mental health needs and found that the project was engaging with a very high severity of mental health need, equivalent to that of an assertive outreach team caseload.  Despite this  they struggle to access and engage with traditional mental health services.
  • We are seeking to strengthen our strategic  links with commissioners,  health and community partners to ensure that this important element of our work will continue after July 2015.

Read the  full discussion report: YSS Bradley Mental Health project Discussion 2015


In 2013/2014:

YSS covered 5 Local Authority Areas: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Stoke-On-Trent, Telford & Wrekin and Worcestershire, worked with 2,227 individuals, 460 families and achieved over 17,000 positive outcomes.

 Headline Achievements in 2013/2014: 

  • Worked with 2,227 individuals
  • Over 17,000 positive outcomes
  • 10% of those without employment were supported into jobs;
  • 460  families supported;
  • 80%  of those in need of  accommodation were helped to secure  housing;
  • 45  staff / volunteers/ partner agency staff trained in Mental Health First Aid;
  • Approximately 7,500 volunteer hours  given;
  • 281 appropriate adult interventions  by  volunteers at police stations;
  • Approximately £75,000: the value of volunteer support in the year;
  • 43 new volunteers recruited;
  • Additional reduction of 4% in reoffending  rates for those clients working with YSS in Stoke;
  • 238 Young Carers supported in Worcestershire
  • £6,462 was raised to support YSS in delivering clubs and activities to Worcestershire Young Carers for the year 2013/2014.

Children and Young People projects

 Appropriate Adult: The Police and the Criminal Evidence Act (P.A.C.E.) 1984 and the Youth Justice Board National Standards require that any young person aged 10 to 16 years of age, whilst being interviewed under caution at the police station, must have an Appropriate Adult in attendance. YSS developed a volunteer Appropriate Adult service for 10-16 year olds detained in Police Custody in 1999 and have a team of volunteers throughout West Mercia delivering this service (which is now also available for 17 year olds). The service was commissioned by West Mercia Youth Offending Service. The AA service has seen an increase (17%) in demand from 12/13.

 ISSP: For young people at risk of receiving a custodial sentence following repeated offending or committing a serious offence, the Intensive Surveillance and Supervision (ISS) project works intensively with the most persistent young offenders across Shropshire, and on a 1:1 basis at high levels of weekly contacts.  An 80% success in completion rate was achieved and the clients were predominantly in the 16-18 age range, with some as young as 13 benefiting from this programme. This project is a proven successful alternative to custody.

 Transition to adulthood (T2A) was an important Criminal justice pilot, funded by Barrow Cadbury Trust, for ages 17 to 25, with the majority of clients being in the 19-22 age range. Engagement rates achieved were 82%; Reducing reoffending pathways had 938 outcomes, with greatest numbers of outcomes in Attitudes, Thinking, Behaviour and Accommodation issues. This project placed great importance on sustained contact, i.e. sustained support and therefore a greater number of outcomes on the seven reducing re-offending pathways. The pilot has been completed, with further development ongoing nationally on this aspect of justice for 17-25 year olds.

EnHance: Shropshire Early Help. EnHance is currently YSS’s largest project, based in Shropshire as part of the Early Help offer. It commenced in September 2013, and is available for expectant parents; children /young people aged 0-19 and their families living in Shropshire.   This project is delivered in partnership with Home-Start Shropshire who take the lead on 0-5 year olds and Shropshire Providers Consortium who undertake independent feedback on the project. The service has already seen improved outcomes for 90% of clients. 92% of referrals are for support for children in the 6-15 age range and their families. 80% of referrals come from schools. There have been 245 referrals into the service in the seven months of the service from September to March 2014.

Worcestershire Young Carers and Young Adult carers  provided individual support, short respite breaks, trips, activities, newsletters, information about other  support agencies and monthly club sessions which allow  young carers to have time and space away from what can sometimes be a very difficult home environment. During the year, 238 Worcester Young Carers and Young Adult Carers were supported by this service, a 27% increase in the numbers being supported on the previous year.  Parental disability continues to be the primary reason for caring, followed by sibling disability and parental physical health.  YSS was successful in being awarded £41,000 funding from Children in Need, for a 3 year Participation project, which established a Young Carers participation group with regular   monthly group meetings led by a skilled participation worker and supported by volunteers.

Adult Criminal justice projects

ESS: the purpose of ESS was to support Warwickshire and West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company in reducing re-offending rates by increasing the level of engagement by targeted offender groups with their supervision or licence requirements. It was delivered through an Enhanced Support for Supervision (ESS) service that can be offered by Offender Managers. ESS achieved an 86% engagement rate which is 7% up from 2012/13; the largest age cohort of adult offenders is now 31-40 year olds. This mandatory intensive supervision and support is in addition to the appointments undertaken with their Probation officers.

The Employment and Skills Group (ESG) Work Programme for short sentence prisoners on their release in Worcestershire and Herefordshire is a payment by results contract which has supported 18 customers into jobs, and then continues to support them for up to 2 years. There has been an 86% engagement rate.

 The Bradley Mental Health project, funded by Lloyds Foundation,  has seen an annual 154% increase in  advice/ work for clients, and  of these  over 25% are female and in the criminal justice system. So many of the criminal justice clients have some form of mental health issues, and this has been seen across all YSS’s projects. The range of mental health issues have been very wide from anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, substance misuse, personality disorder and alcohol use.

The Pathways Accommodation Mentoring (PAM) project in Worcestershire funded by Worcestershire County Council, aims to  provide support to offenders who are having difficulties in either sustaining or obtaining suitable accommodation. The project offers intensive one to one mentoring support through dedicated key workers and a team of volunteer mentors across the county and worked with 200 clients during the year.

YSS is commissioned by Staffordshire and West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company (formerly Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust) to provide one to one support to adult offenders throughout the Stoke on Trent area.  These projects have taken on 78% more than their target in referrals, had an 83% successful engagement rate and achieved 116% on the target for completions.

West Mercia Police have commissioned YSS to develop Non Statutory Support (NSS) across Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, and Telford & Wrekin. The purpose of NSS is to work in conjunction with West Mercia Police in reducing re-offending rates by increasing the level of engagement of targeted non statutory Integrated Offender Management (IOM) offender groups.  This has had a good engagement rate of 76% as all attendance at appointments is done on a voluntary basis, along with evidenced positive changes in behaviour and life circumstances associated with reducing reoffending. Most frequently finding and sustaining accommodation, and improving attitudes and thinking and behaviour have contributed to at least 45% of the outcomes achieved.

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