YSS has a range of expertise that should give confidence to any one who either commissions our services, donates and fund raises for us or who receives a service from us.

YSS has a range of expertise that should give confidence to any one who either commissions our services, donates and fund raises for us or who receives a service from us. This expertise is broken down into 3 key areas:

  • Our skills and diversity of the people who work and volunteer with us
  • Local delivery that is rooted in communities and yet has a national profile and voice through our extensive partnerships
  • And finally our Service delivery models  and project management skills with an enviable track record of success over 20 years


Our People

YSS is a multi disciplinary organisation. Our Trustees, who are responsible  for the governance  of this organisation, have a wide range of backgrounds, and are chaired by Lady McFarlane. Our senior management team have held prior senior roles in the private, voluntary and public sectors. Our project staff have professional backgrounds in Social Work, Youth Work, Youth Justice, Education, Nursing, Police, Probation, Mental Health, Accommodation, Employability and Welfare to Work Services. Other front line staff have different experiences and have joined YSS from private industry including engineers, driving instructors, foster carers, journalists, army veterans and banking staff.

YSS is able to recruit and train high numbers of local volunteers from the community to be involved in the majority of our projects. The management and support of volunteers is a key aspect of our work and runs like a thread through the organisation. Volunteers add diversity, they challenge our thinking and in many cases they successfully  go on to  become YSS staff (including senior management and Trustees).  Most importantly volunteers are part of the local community and are therefore taking ownership to becoming part of the solution to local issues. They can break down urban myths and stereotypes of people who could otherwise be excluded from society.

Local delivery with a national voice

As an organisation we have a local presence and a national profile for our innovative work. We believe it is easier to be innovative, dynamic and impactful by being a medium sized organisation that is rooted in the local communities it serves  rather than having to grow and become a large or national organisation. To do this we strive to  ‘punch above our weight’ to ensure our voice is heard and to influence policy makers. We therefore have developed an extensive network of partners across all sectors  that we can call upon at any time to support work. If we don’t have a specific expertise we have a partner who does!

Service Delivery

YSS has a strong background in regularly developing new services for targeted groups of individuals and families who are at risk of social exclusion. Our strength lies in the understanding how to undertake high quality assessments of need, developing individual action plans that are responsive and dynamic to changing needs and measuring improvements to people’s life circumstances. We then use this information as part of evaluation process to make new changes in our practice, to make recommendations to partners and to influence policy makes and commissioners.

We have developed very strong project management skills and the capacity to manage multiple projects at any one time. We usually manage between 20-30 projects at any one time. Each have their own funding arrangements, their own objectives and requirements.

At present we have key strengths in delivering Prevention, Diversion and Criminal Justice programmes (both youth and adult), Mentoring services, Young Carers and Young Adults Carers, Parenting and Family Support, Targeted Youth Support Services, Welfare to Work services, Education, Training and Employment, Mental Health and Health Prevention.

All of our work is backed up by a 24 hour seven day per week helpline that is staffed by our project workers for everyone we support.

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